Dublin Rowing Club – Custom Made Caps

‘Albert Prendergast’ has recently produced 17 caps for Dublin Rowing Club.

These caps were custom made to Dublin Rowing Club specification and included their club badge on the front.

And a commemorative ‘1977’ badge on the back of some of the caps.

In addition, a small number of colours caps in cream were produced.

If you are looking for custom made clothing for your sports club or organisation then do not hesitate to contact Albert Prendergast. I will be happy to offer friendly advice and provide a quotation.

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’40 Years On’ at Chichester Festival Theatre – 2017

Albert Prendergast has recently supplied 62 complete school uniforms for the Chichester Festival Theatre production of ’40 Years On’. This iconic play was written in 1968 by Alan Bennett and this spectacular production featured Richard Wilson along with a cast of many well established character actors. In addition, more than 60 local boys (and 1 girl) played the pupils of Albion House School.

Click on the images below to expand them.

Here is the review that was written by t


Take an 80-year-old household-name, only recently recovered from a heart attack, a cast heaving with 15 professionals and some 50 local lads, and a baggy early comedy by Alan Bennett and what have you got? The opening gambit of Daniel Evans’ new regime at Chichester and one of the biggest gambles of the season.

For sheer heroism, Richard Wilson – rushed to intensive care last August prior to an Edinburgh run with a Victor Meldrew show – deserves a medal (even a knighthood), for stepping back into the limelight. He’s playing the fossilised Headmaster in Forty Years On, presiding over an end-of-year, end-of-career revue performed by the boys and staff of Albion House, a past-it public school on the South Downs circa 1968.

John Gielgud took the role at its West End premiere. Although to the curmudgeonly, sententious manner born, Wilson can’t be said to reach Gielgudian heights, as he not so furtively consults his “papers” throughout – never mind One Foot in the Grave, we’re treated to One Eye on the Script. Yikes! Somehow, though, the pathos matches the often elegiac subject-matter, which looks back in a blend of nostalgia and eccentric drollery to two periods of national struggle that can still leave us at a loss for words.

There are notable shades of Bennett’s early calling-card Beyond the Fringe, fascinating foreshadowings too of The History Boys (as well as The Habit of Art) in his witty, skittish hop-scotch between the Edwardian era, the shaken inter-war years, and the dark hour, 40 years on, when the lamps went out over Europe again. Into the putatively educational mix is thrown everything from a glorious Wilde parody (Danny Lee Wynter channelling Maggie Smith as he plays a Lady Bracknell-like aristo) to a gag-crammed lecture on Lawrence of Arabia, with a dorm’s worth of puerile antics on top: tally-ho anthems, stirring hymns, mass fidgeting, furtive fondlings (earning teacherly reprimands), an invasion of rugger-buggers, even a virtuosic tap-dance.

Does it matter that some of it drags, and Bennett’s inexperience shows in the muddle as to whether a parental audience is being played to or not? No, under Evans’ capable direction – with an impressive design from Lez Brotherston (who delivers a fully functioning organ, amid much simulated oaky splendour), we get beautifully organised chaos; knobbly knees and youthful spirit, stooped shoulders and adult regret. I laughed a lot, I misted up a bit…t…. I don’t believe it – it works!

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How to use Collect+ as a delivery option.

Collect+ is a great delivery option for those for whom delivery to a home address could be problematic. With Collect+ you simply choose a local shop or supermarket and your parcel will be delivered there for you to collect at your convenience. Collect+ will even send a text or an email telling you when your parcel will be ready for collection.

To use Collect+ on the Albert Prendergast web-site just follow the following steps.

  1. Select your preferred delivery shop at the Collect+ website. To do this use this link https://www.collectplus.co.uk/ to visit the Collect+ website. On the first screen enter your home postcode into the ‘send to’ box and click ‘send’. On the next screen ignore everything and click on ‘store to store’. A map screen will open showing all the Collect+ shops that are closest to your home address. Click on a shop that is closest to you and make a note of its name and address. This will be your chosen collection point.
  2. Fill your shopping cart at the ‘Albert Prendergast’ website and press the checkout button. When you arrive at the ‘addresses’ section fill in the ‘invoice address’ with your home address. Click the box marked ‘deliver to different address’ and when this box opens enter your chosen Collect+ delivery store in the ‘delivery address’ section. Once this is all done click the ‘next’ button.
  3. On the next screen select ‘Collect+’ from the ‘class of service’ menu. Tick the ‘accept terms and conditions’ box and click next.
  4. On the next screen select your payment method from the drop down menu and then click ‘confirm order’.

When you have paid for your order I will receive an order confirmation showing your preferred delivery method and your preferred Collect+ store.

Goods dispatched via Collect+ are usually at the collection store with 72 hours.

Please note that if you select Collect+ as a delivery option but you fail to enter a valid Collect+ delivery store then your order will be dispatched to the store that is closest to your home address.

Collect+ is only available for order that are to be delivered within the United Kingdom.

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Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events

I recently supplied 2 pairs of sandals and 16 school ties for this Netflix production which is due for transmission in late 2016. I also received a lovely thank you card from the ‘Olaf Productions’ team

A great thank you card from 'Olaf Productions'.

A great thank you card from ‘Olaf Productions’.

Olaf Productions 02 600

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Custom Trim Blazer

This is a blazer to which I was asked to add some additional trim. The blazer was sent to me with trim on only the pockets. I was able to arrange for additional trim to be applied to all of the edges. This included the ‘notched’ collar. A very striking results was obtained.

pink blazer with sky trim 1500

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‘Nothing’ At Glyndebourne

If someone you knew declared that life had no meaning, how would you convince them it does? That’s the question a group of teenagers ask themselves in Nothing, a compelling new youth opera by David Bruce that premieres at Glyndebourne in February 2016.

‘Albert Prendergast’ provided 50 bespoke jerseys and skirts for this prestigious production at Glyndebourne.

To find out more visit the Glyndebourne website at http://www.glyndebourne.com.

These fabulous pictures were taken by Robert Workman and they are the copyright of Glyndebourne Productions. They are reproduced with permission.

Click on each image to expand it.

Nothing - David Bruce and Glyn Maxwell - Glyndebourne Youth Opera - 24 February 2016 Music - David Bruce Libretto - Glyn Maxwell Based on the novel by Janne Teller Conductor - Sian Edwards Director - Bijan Sheibani Designer - Giles Cadle Movement DirectNothing - David Bruce and Glyn Maxwell - Glyndebourne Youth Opera - 24 February 2016 Music - David Bruce Libretto - Glyn Maxwell Based on the novel by Janne Teller Conductor - Sian Edwards Director - Bijan Sheibani Designer - Giles Cadle Movement DirectNothing - David Bruce and Glyn Maxwell - Glyndebourne Youth Opera - 24 February 2016 Music - David Bruce Libretto - Glyn Maxwell Based on the novel by Janne Teller Conductor - Sian Edwards Director - Bijan Sheibani Designer - Giles Cadle Movement Direct


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I Want Your Uniform

I want your school uniform

Do you have some interesting uniform that you no longer need or want? Do you have a pair of shorts that no longer fit? A cap or wool flannel blazer that you no longer need? A gymslip that you feel is not the right colour? Then let me know and providing your uniform is in good condition then I may purchase it from you.

I will consider single items, large collections or anything in between.

Please send (by email) a list detailing the items you wish to sell. The colour, size, fabric and the condition are very important. Please send some photographs if you are able.

I can purchase the uniform for cash (paid by PayPal or BACS) or offer a credit against other uniform from my shop. If you want more information on how this service works then drop me a line for more details.

N.B. I’m afraid that I am not in the market for polyester blazers and I will not make offers on uniform that is simply described as a ‘job lot’.

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Mumsy Nanny Sonny And Girly

‘Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny And Girly’ is a low budget comedy / horror movie that was made in 1970. Like many similar movies of the period it has acquired a ‘cult’ following. Throughout much of the movie it features an adult male and female wearing school uniform. I was recently asked to supply a blazer and cap that resembled, as closely as possible, the original movie costume.


A 2 button maroon blazer, maroon cap, shirt & tie were supplied from my standard uniform range. However, the sky blue grosgrain braiding was obtained specially for this project.

Screen grabs were taken from the DVD release of the movie in order to facilitate the production of the ‘L.C.S’. school badge.

LCS 01LCS 02

A digital jacquard was then made and 2 sample badges were produced. These were submitted to the client for approval. The sample badges were produced in different shades of sky blue to give the client a choice. However, it was very obvious that the lighter shade was by far the best colour match.


24 blazer and 24 cap badges were produced. One set was used on the blazer and cap and the remainder were supplied to the client for future use.

The complete uniform is a very close match to the original. It will be worn at a private screening of the movie at which several original cast members are due to be in attendance. A further production run of these blazers is likely to occur later in the year.

LCS finished blazer 01

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School Gymslips

Gymslip Compilation 600

A gymslip is a sleeveless tunic with a pleated skirt most commonly seen as part of a girl’s school uniform. The term gymslip primarily refers to athletic wear; otherwise the term pinafore dress (British English) or jumper dress (American English) is usually preferred.

The introduction of the gymslip as female athletic wear is credited to Martina Bergman-Österberg, the founder of a college for training female physical education teachers in Hampstead. Gymslips were also worn by female gymnasts and athletes from the 1880s to the 1920s, as they were more mobile than traditional female attire, but still modest enough to keep the underwear hidden during sporting activity. Even in this modest attire, gymslips as athletic wear were still worn strictly out of public view.


When not worn as athletic wear, gymslips or pinafore dresses are generally worn over a blouse and tie and replace a skirt. Underneath a gymslip, a pair of white knee socks are more common than a pair of tights, matching regulation knickers may also be mandatory. A blazer may be worn over the top. First emerging in the 1900s, by the 1920s it had become compulsory in many private, convent and high schools, and thus became commonly worn by girls in Britain as part of their school uniform.

The ‘Albert Prendergast’ range of traditional gymslips are available in 5 different colours and with a choice of matching or contrasting belts and sashes. All the accessories you need are also available including matching school knickers, knee length white socks, ties and blazers. The most authentic range of traditional school wear currently available on the internet.

Gymslip Belts 600

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Theatre Production – ‘Henry V’ by William Shakespeare at the Sydney Opera House

Henry V

A call from the other side of the world has led to Adult Size School Uniform supplying several rugby jerseys for use in a new production of ‘Henry V’ by William Shakespeare. My jerseys were chosen because they have no logos and look and feel traditional.

Traditional Rugby Jerseys

Traditional Rugby Jerseys


The production will be touring around Australia throughout the rest of the year and will be finishing at the Sydney Opera House in  November 2014

You can find out more here.


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