Mumsy Nanny Sonny And Girly

‘Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny And Girly’ is a low budget comedy / horror movie that was made in 1970. Like many similar movies of the period it has acquired a ‘cult’ following. Throughout much of the movie it features an adult male and female wearing school uniform. I was recently asked to supply a blazer and cap that resembled, as closely as possible, the original movie costume.


A 2 button maroon blazer, maroon cap, shirt & tie were supplied from my standard uniform range. However, the sky blue grosgrain braiding was obtained specially for this project.

Screen grabs were taken from the DVD release of the movie in order to facilitate the production of the ‘L.C.S’. school badge.

LCS 01LCS 02

A digital jacquard was then made and 2 sample badges were produced. These were submitted to the client for approval. The sample badges were produced in different shades of sky blue to give the client a choice. However, it was very obvious that the lighter shade was by far the best colour match.


24 blazer and 24 cap badges were produced. One set was used on the blazer and cap and the remainder were supplied to the client for future use.

The complete uniform is a very close match to the original. It will be worn at a private screening of the movie at which several original cast members are due to be in attendance. A further production run of these blazers is likely to occur later in the year.

LCS finished blazer 01

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