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I am now undertaking more and more bespoke uniform orders. From custom made blazers through to bespoke caps and more. I recently arranged for a couple of bespoke caps to be made for a client. This is the image I had to work from.  (The stag motif was originally a metal badge which the client already had so there was no need to recreate it.)

The picture I was sent to work with.

And this is what the client received.

bespoke caps

After they were delivered this is what he had to say.

 Hi Albert,

 The caps arrived safely in darkest Essex this morning.  They do indeed look excellent. Just as I remember them.

 As mentioned previously, I have my original badge to sew onto one of them and have now made a copy for the second.

 One of the caps will be going to an old school friend of mine as part of a 60th birthday present, so I’m just hoping he has the same size head as me.

(Scarily, he still has his original College blazer and House tie from the late 60s – and even more scary is the fact that the blazer still fits him!)

Many Thanks for your help with these.  What surprised me when I put one on is that it looks pretty good (I’d be tempted to say “cool” if I was 20 years younger) and I may take to wearing it out.  I’ve certainly never been tempted to wear a baseball cap!

Maybe I can start a trend amongst my other old school friends and will be back with another order.

But don’t hold your breath!

 All the Best,


If you have any kind of bespoke uniform / costume requirement then please get in touch.

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Adult Size School Uniform And The Theatre

2 big shows are opening this month that will be featuring my uniforms. ‘I Can’t Sing’ is the new musical based on the ‘X Factor’ and it has just opened at The Palladium Theatre in London.

Harry Hill has written it so it must be funny?

Harry Hill has written it so it must be funny?

The reviews have been favourable so perhaps it will last longer than Mr Lloyd Webber’s latest offering. ASSU did 30 uniforms for one of the big production numbers. If you want to find out more about the show then take a look here.

Also this week the touring production of Matthew Bourne’s ‘Lord Of The Flies’ heads out on the road. This really is a first class show. I was fortunate to see it when it made its world Premier in Glasgow in 2011. Ballet meets modern dance. It really is worth seeing. ASSU has done another 30 uniforms for this one. In line with the original William Golding book, the boys begin immaculately dressed in traditional school uniform but by the end the uniforms are practically in ribbons as order turns to anarchy.

Immaculate uniforms until the anarchy begins.

Immaculate uniforms until the anarchy begins.

The show begins its run at the Lowry in Salford and then moves around the country throughout April. I will be in the audience on the 2nd of April (at the Lowry).

There is a nice video piece from the BBC here.

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Organising the perfect stag or hen do

As mentioned in my first blog, stag and hen dos can be a great time to all get dressed up in school uniform. I thought I’d supply my top tips for a perfect stag or hen weekend, so that all my potential customers can have the very best time possible!

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Who is Adult Size School Uniform for then?

Hello, everyone, and welcome to my new blog!

The Internet is one big fascinating playground, made up of billions of varied, weird and wonderful pages. Everyone online is catered for in some regard and aside from the popular, well known sites, it’s the small niche stores selling all sorts of great things that are amongst my favourite. As someone who runs a ‘niche’ store, I often get asked, “Why adult sized school uniform? Who needs that?” Well, I thought I’d start my new blog by giving a few examples of the sort of uses for adult sized school uniforms!

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