Custom Trim Blazer

This is a blazer to which I was asked to add some additional trim. The blazer was sent to me with trim on only the pockets. I was able to arrange for additional trim to be applied to all of the edges. This included the ‘notched’ collar. A very striking results was obtained.

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‘Nothing’ At Glyndebourne

If someone you knew declared that life had no meaning, how would you convince them it does? That’s the question a group of teenagers ask themselves in Nothing, a compelling new youth opera by David Bruce that premieres at Glyndebourne in February 2016. ‘Albert Prendergast’ provided 50 bespoke jerseys and skirts for this prestigious production […]

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Mumsy Nanny Sonny And Girly

‘Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny And Girly’ is a low budget comedy / horror movie that was made in 1970. Like many similar movies of the period it has acquired a ‘cult’ following. Throughout much of the movie it features an adult male and female wearing school uniform. I was recently asked to supply a blazer and […]

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School Gymslips

A gymslip is a sleeveless tunic with a pleated skirt most commonly seen as part of a girl’s school uniform. The term gymslip primarily refers to athletic wear; otherwise the term pinafore dress (British English) or jumper dress (American English) is usually preferred. The introduction of the gymslip as female athletic wear is credited to […]

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Bespoke Uniform & Costume at A.S.S.U.

I am now undertaking more and more bespoke uniform orders. From custom made blazers through to bespoke caps and more. I recently arranged for a couple of bespoke caps to be made for a client. This is the image I had to work from.  (The stag motif was originally a metal badge which the client […]

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Adult Size School Uniform And The Theatre

2 big shows are opening this month that will be featuring my uniforms. ‘I Can’t Sing’ is the new musical based on the ‘X Factor’ and it has just opened at The Palladium Theatre in London. The reviews have been favourable so perhaps it will last longer than Mr Lloyd Webber’s latest offering. ASSU did 30 […]

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