’40 Years On’ at Chichester Festival Theatre – 2017

Albert Prendergast has recently supplied 62 complete school uniforms for the Chichester Festival Theatre production of ’40 Years On’. This iconic play was written in 1968 by Alan Bennett and this spectacular production featured Richard Wilson along with a cast of many well established character actors. In addition, more than 60 local boys (and 1 […]

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‘Nothing’ At Glyndebourne

If someone you knew declared that life had no meaning, how would you convince them it does? That’s the question a group of teenagers ask themselves in Nothing, a compelling new youth opera by David Bruce that premieres at Glyndebourne in February 2016. ‘Albert Prendergast’ provided 50 bespoke jerseys and skirts for this prestigious production […]

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Mumsy Nanny Sonny And Girly

‘Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny And Girly’ is a low budget comedy / horror movie that was made in 1970. Like many similar movies of the period it has acquired a ‘cult’ following. Throughout much of the movie it features an adult male and female wearing school uniform. I was recently asked to supply a blazer and […]

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Organising the perfect stag or hen do

As mentioned in my first blog, stag and hen dos can be a great time to all get dressed up in school uniform. I thought I’d supply my top tips for a perfect stag or hen weekend, so that all my potential customers can have the very best time possible!

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Who is Adult Size School Uniform for then?

Hello, everyone, and welcome to my new blog! The Internet is one big fascinating playground, made up of billions of varied, weird and wonderful pages. Everyone online is catered for in some regard and aside from the popular, well known sites, it’s the small niche stores selling all sorts of great things that are amongst […]

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